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why (not): vegetarianism

why (not): vegetarianism
I have been thinking for a long time about the content of this article. I wasn't sure how to introduce a vegetarian lifestyle.
In the end, I decided to present vegetarianism using "arguments against it".

1. our ancestors ate meat

They definitely used to. And they did other interesting things, such as murdering each other or raping women from their own tribes. One doesn’t always realise it, but the fact that something is happening for a long time does not automatically mean that it is right. Let’s face it – our dear ancestors had no choice to go to the nearest supermarket and buy themselves tofu. We do have an option to change our eating habits – and still, we continue to choose dead animals, following an example of our primitive ancestors who at the time of their lives probably did have no other source of livelihood available.

2. animals are meant to be eaten

The question is, who or what gave us a right to decide what a life purpose of other species is.  We have placed ourselves above all that exists on the planet. We care about nothing but our own needs. So many people are outraged about the abuse of animals for circus performances. I do not understand why. According to this logic, they are also designed for that.

3. lions seize weaker individuals as well

Similarly to our ancestors, neither the lion nor the tiger have many choices in their food. Compared to a shark, a mentioned lion or a wolf, our bodies are not adapted to a meat diet. From a biological perspective, their digestive tracts are set to work fast, while our metabolism has nowhere to rush. I don’t really understand this topic that much, to be frank. And therefore purely logically, all I have to do is compare human and lion teeth. There would be some differences, right?

4. if I don’t eat this piece, someone else will (or: one person won’t change anything)

The last and most illogical argument to me. Is it really so difficult to realize that animal products continue to be sold because there is a demand for them? With every vegan, vegetarian, or person who has eliminated certain components from their meat diet, this demand decreases.

If this change seems small to you, then think of the movements fighting for the abolition of slavery.
Things that seem obvious to us today; that I, as a woman, can vote; they were not always like that. Actually, I would be laughed at if I had thought of something like that 100 years ago. Things do depend on every single person who opposes violence. All the changes for the better that have taken place in human history began with one small group that gradually grew.

Finally, I would like to mention that there are many arguments that I considered too primitive to address - for example that God gives us animals to eat; that plants also feel pain, etc.

Nevertheless, I will mention one more which used to comfort me – and that was a naive belief that (5.) animals die with respect they deserve.

Do you think that slaughterhouse employees have time to say goodbye to every cow with dignity? On the contrary, judging from the videos and footage I saw; I dare to say that the vast majority of them have armoured themselves against the work they do in such a way that they have come to regard these cows as worthless machines, and that’s how they treat them.

One would think that today's society would be advanced enough to stop this exploitation, rape and murder; but it seems to me that the opposite is true.
We have determined that many cubs are born only to lay down their lives for our gourmet experience sooner or later. This itself speaks of the "intelligence" and "maturity" of our species.
I will never ask anyone to become a vegan, but eating meat seven times a week, especially after realizing what is actually hidden behind a slice of ham, that doesn't seem right to me.
I would like to conclude this with a quote that finally destroyed my former belief in the painless death of animals.

“there is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die”

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