if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

soft spot

soft spot

we meet on the bus
i put aside the bags, you sit next to me
and we talk

in moments like these, the phrase “to have a soft spot for someone” comes to mind

i can feel my cheeks blushing
my smile’s wider, my laugh’s sincere

underneath i know
i am trying to make an impression by all that
white teeth, straight back, exposed neck

we’re far from being a good fit

while you seem like a definition of peace
i always fight something

while you have faith
i have doubts

while you are stillness
i am movement

we’re far from being a good fit
– but i like to think
that you have a soft spot for me too

i’d rather admire you from the distance
than to show you my mess

yes, soft is all i need
to catch you looking at me across the room
to pay attention not to miss your birthday
to talk with you on the bus

sweet hellos and borrowed books
and well – no one to lose

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