if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

beginning, middle & end

beginning, middle & end

here’s to you, my friend
(and then lover)

inexperienced and yet leading
an empty canvas that i could paint on

here’s to our colours
here’s to the music you showed me  

here’s to known-before songs that somehow sounded better as we listened to them together

i felt for the way you spoke to the homeless guy
you felt for hidden love in my poems

i felt as i watched you folding my pyjamas in a hectic morning
you felt for my laugh  

i felt when you weren’t ready
you felt when i finally accepted us being casual

but still, we tried
so here’s to our attempt

i said it at the beginning and i say it now:
i don’t regret a second

i’ll remember
how we would talk and untangle anything
while you were driving with my hand in your hair

now we’re apart
you needed a break from me
a break from my laugh
from my love in my poems

i said i’ll respect it and truly, it is fine by me

because i know that one day
we’ll be friends again
(driving through the night)

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