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my path to veganism and why I slipped out of it

my path to veganism and why I slipped out of it

Going vegan is not the easiest thing to do. From a moral point of view, it may, but I think that others from the ‘branch’ would agree with me that the path to a plant-based diet is often thorny. One knows that in the end, he will be satisfied. However, temptation tends to be around every corner a person reaches. Each step is accompanied by ‘funny’ remarks by carnivores, thanks to which he wants to get out of the way and become a murderer instead. Personally, however, I was lucky to have my determination supported by peers, at least.

The story begins with Instagram. I don’t even know what triggered it – that I suddenly had it full of short (and bloody, as should be noted) videos from slaughterhouses and farms. At some I have looked, at some I haven’t, but I quickly understood how cruel and pointless the reality of the animal industry is. I already had that knowledge in me, it already was strange for me to listen to opinions such as “animals are meant to be eaten” and I gained respect and admiration for vegans. It may have occurred to me to become one of them, but the satisfaction of my taste buds has so far prevailed.

Life is still pretty lousy, why would you give up pleasures it offers?

used my dad ask. But in the end, it happened – meat dishes began to be accompanied by strange remorse. I knew that no counter-argument would help me feel good while eating something meaty.

The last impetus for change occurred at the end of September 2018 and was triggered by a video recommended to me by the vegetarian I was writing to. May God bless him.

Stop waiting for a change. Be the change you want to see.

At that time, I already had enough information and I knew that I could not be too strict from the start. And I didn’t even want to, let’s be honest. I still adored Parmesan cheese and tuna or salmon pasta. I suspected that fishes would be the last for me to give up.

So I went for it with the excreting method. I said goodbye to goulash [beef] and to bacon [pork].

Out of the poultry club, turkey followed. I don’t even mention things like duck or goose. I didn’t consider them as giving up something, because they weren’t appealing to me even in non-vegetarian times. And on top of that:

Veganism doesn’t mean giving something up. You just stop taking what never was yours to take.

Chicken remained. I remember the last Chickenburger I ate. It did not taste bad itself, but before my eyes, I had videos that my phone was just overflowing within those days.

Subsequently, I stopped receiving dairy products. With a heavy heart, I said goodbye to spaghetti with parmesan. However, the vegan recipe I learned to make was not bad at all. I still like it. Soon, it will have an honorary place on this blog [it has already]

So now I was eating fish and eggs. At first, I ate only those from free ranges and then I quit them as well.

It’s hard to say in what time frame all this took place, how long I moved at the interface between vegetarianism and veganism. However, in November of the same year, I wrote in my notebook that I could not force myself to bake muffins because I would feel bad about it.

My New Year’s commitment was to persevere in the diet I ran. In the end, there was no significant revolution in the realization that fish also felt pain [just kidding, it was clear to me that they do]. In the end, I just wanted to say “I’m vegan” and I couldn’t do so with my current eating habits.

I try to find out exactly when I switched to a purely plant-based diet, but such a record is not in my case. Never mind … it’s still a very individual process. It can take months, it can take years, you can stay vegetarian or not give up meat at all. [But you could. I will be happy. For these reasons.]

And now why I gave up this lifestyle a few months ago and switched to vegetarianism? My thick hair had thinned and refused to grow an inch. Probably every woman would find it difficult to give up the so-called crowns of beauty; but that was not my primary reason, of course. After four antibiotics in four months, the stomach that protested against them and herpeses that began to form in my mouth; with clenched teeth, I had to admit that my immune system is saying goodbye to me. Just as I once did to the animal components of the diet.

But beware! I don’t think veganism is dangerous. On the contrary, I am convinced that it can provide a person with every single nutrient he needs. In my case, the problem was laziness and the inability to control the intake of these nutrients. My long-term food source was a combination of pizza + pasta, so it’s no wonder I turned out the way I did.

Educating in this area is the easiest thing in the world today. There are hundreds of articles about these nutrients that I mention and no, it’s not just about healthy, boring meals. I didn’t make it, but I don’t regret the decision of becoming a vegan and I would be sorry if I discouraged someone from trying it.

Maybe one day I’ll return to it. Once I’m big and responsible. Or it may be enough for me to limit only certain components of the animal diet. It will probably be in the near future. Because of Parmesan. Because of scrambled eggs which suddenly taste much better than before.

So you see. It is hard. It’s about the fight between morality and taste buds. But that fight does not last forever. For most of my vegan months, I didn’t feel like I had been missing anything, that I was giving up something, that my carnivorous friends are happier [okay… they probably are. Sweet life in ignorance]. Because when a person believes in something, when he is convinced of the correctness of thing, that piece of cheese is suddenly not worth going against himself. Keeping my fingers crossed for u!

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