if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

spaces between us

spaces between us

the first time you didn’t recognise me
i was prepared
i knew it was to come
and i know it will come again

yet the time stopped flowing for a second
everything flashed before my eyes

blue tracksuit you used to wear, white socks

a book in your hands
and there by your side
a little girl devouring every word

movies we watched on cassettes
your songs your gingerbread and the drawing

how could you forget, i ask myself, how could you
all those days
which i loved so much, which now taste bittersweet

i know it’s not your fault
but still, it smells of a betrayal
you didn’t truly watch me grow
we both have missed too much
so many things are hanging between us, untold

but it’s okay

i had this strange dream once
where you devastated asked me for forgiveness
don’t worry, i whispered

i forgave you then and i forgive you now
remembering everything we created
remembering who you were and what we meant to each other

even now
the first time you didn’t recognise me

you are kind
and sweet
you don’t recall me but i recall you

even now
if someone was to threaten you like in that dream

i would stand in front of you
and took that dagger
took it right in my heart
the start

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