if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.



you think you won’t forget your lover
but darling, you will
like… a white Christmas
snowy days you know you can’t expect
just like that deep inside you know
somewhere in the future
this is over

you will forget him slowly
you’ll wake up in the morning not being able to recall
his way of touching you and where would he began

the next morning
you can’t remember how it felt to laugh with him
you just know that you have

you will know
there were afternoons you spent napping
but you won’t remember
how you held your hands on his body
how it felt to have his on yours

it’s not raw and it’s not drastic
it’s gradual and even calming
the way his features are fading
the way he’s disappearing

and it’s meant to be
it’s how you will heal
i just hope that at some point
you won’t stop to feel

and i guess, my dear, you won’t forget the important things
the first time he told you he loves you

you won’t forget his eyes
you won’t forget the fights
oh and those nights

when he held you for that you were scared
because of the movie
or because of yourself
no, it’s not possible to forget how he cared

and if you do forget, just read these words
remind yourself how much those moments mean

how they were flowing in your veins
even with him being gone

if you forget those details, i don’t think it’s gonna mind
because you and i know
there is a bond

the forgetting has began

but even if your mind erases some parts
your heart will remember
and know its way

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