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she just left, as she always does.

midnight sun – Bella through vampire’s eyes

midnight sun – Bella through vampire’s eyes

We all already know the story of how a young girl falling in love with someone who is not human. This one is similar – but different. This time we come across an inhuman being experiencing human emotions. This time, the vampire falls in love and his feelings overwhelm him.

Twilight – people have pretty controversial views on it, but me, Twilight accompanied through my childhood and I would hardly find a bad word for it. I had no idea that the author was planning something like this – to write the first part from Edward’s point of view. Now I wish she did the same thing with the rest of the books.

The author revealed a familiar story to me but guided me through details that I no longer remembered. Edward’s past has been sketched, but it is discussed more intensively here. You will understand where he comes from and get to know the family Carlisle brought him to.

 I could kill every spider in her home, cut the thorns off every rosebush she might one day touch, block every speeding car that got within a mile of her, but there was no task I could perform that would make me something other than what I was.

Edward was engrossed in how he felt about Bella. His thinking processes reminded me of Jacob and his attachment. Stephenie revealed how vulnerable he was and many of the things he feared. We all know the fear that our feelings won’t be requited – the seemingly perfect boy had that fear too.

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…”

And now one appeal for boys (if some of them opened this article at all): driving a Porsche as the Cullens tried to catch up with Bella is described so excitingly that it creates vivid images in your head. It’s almost as if you were looking at Fast and Furious.

I’ll kill her.

“Edward?” she whispered.

“He’s here, Bella,” Alice reassured her.

He’s here and he’s going to kill you.

Midnight sun should be read by everyone who grew up on Twilight books. It completes a story that you subconsciously remember.

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