if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

later this summer

later this summer

one day later this summer
i am wearing a tight black dress
and my hair is lightened by the sun

one day later this summer
i am rushing to my family, we are on holiday
the evening is warm
my skin gets sensitive as it feels the cool breeze from the sea
when a stranger smiles at me, i smile back

but even on this day
lipstick, brown skin, ice cream and all that
the sadness remains

or should i say
you remain?
both at once, i’d say, inside my veins

it’s not like you were stopping the blood from flowing
(not anymore)

i can laugh
i can breathe this salty air
and watch the waves in amazement

but still –
even today

i know deep inside
that i’d be happier
if you held my hand in yours
and took this path with me

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