if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

the deal

the deal

your goodbye letter was nothing but clear

life defeated you
and you defeated death
seems to me: perfectly fair

life defeated you:
i don’t believe, my beloved
that you were strong until the final moment

i think the anger possessed you, despair too
you wanted more, i bet
you wanted health
you wanted whole years
suddenly, all you had were tears
and each day brought nothing new

you defeated death:
it amazes me, it does so much
how you looked into her eyes with no fear
how you made plans with her
and called her dear

isn’t that the best way to go, tell me
if anyone deserves an ending like that,
then it was you all along

your goodbye letter was nothing but clear
if i was strong enough, i would be near

i’d hold your hand along the way

i’d escort you 
and help you write that letter

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