if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

playing with the fire

playing with the fire

people don’t speak their minds.

but if
if people spoke their minds, i might tell you:

the way you pulled me closer on the dance floor
made me dream about you all night long
nothing more, just that way
six days ago, fierce and brave

if people spoke their minds, i might tell you:
at that moment, something in me flipped
and changed entirely

i might tell you about your hugs 
and how out of the blue, they are my favourite

i might tell you: 
all the darkness disappears
when we can’t stop laughing

i might tell you:
my parents had a feeling sooner than i had

i must have been mentioning you a lot
stop, i would roll my eyes then
with not the tiniest doubt i’d say –
he’s just a friend
(how much can change in a week)

now you’re my friend and lover
or lover to be
well, the borders have been erased

and i liked it, damn, i did
how we erased them

the danger in the air
a heart beating loud
now that i think about it –
was it mine or was it yours?

this sounds like i’m hopelessly in love
which i promise i’m not

at the end, our desires were fulfilled
and will be fulfilled, my lover to be

we have some adventurous months ahead of us

you know how it goes.
apart from being reckless together,
we will be reckless with others
we will watch it, even, and support each other

because we’ve been friends first

people don’t speak their minds, so

this is how it goes

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