if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

a last moment

a last moment

i can’t remember our final moment
and we had it, sure, we had
was it the one at our place?

it doesn’t matter, you may think
he didn’t know it was the last
and neither did i

well, if there’s some kind of justice in this world
then it matters to me

were we sitting in the kitchen?
or in the car?

i don’t need to know
what our last words are
they were sweet, that i am sure of

what frustrates me is that i don’t remember
that certain moment when we spoken

had i known this all is to be broken
i’d hold him longer
and tighter

it wasn’t even that long ago
can’t be more than five weeks,
or were there just four?

i just need to know
now that my pillow leaks
i need to know

till the wind
and his ashes blow

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