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why is Looking for Alaska totally worth seeing

why is Looking for Alaska totally worth seeing

I am ashamed. I am really ashamed that I have only now watched these miniseries based on John Green’s novel – a novel that I rank among my favourites, a novel that accompanied my adolescence and spoke to me from the bottom of my heart. Already during the first episode, I cursed anyone who claimed that film adaptation was not worth much.

I have no idea what those people were talking about – on the contrary, I was surprised how similar the series was to their written form. At least through dialogues. The characters, that’s another thing… they don’t really match their book versions. In particular, the protagonist, Miles, is portrayed kinda… I don’t know if it’s bad acting or if his character should look the way he does. Anyway, Alaska, Chip and Takumi are more than suitable.

I wouldn’t give up any of my time with him, not even the suffering.

Doctor Hyde wasn’t given a lot of space in the book, but in the series, he got completely under my skin. Maybe it’s because of the voice of the actor who introduced him (Ron Cephas Jones), but every time he opened his mouth, I felt like he was talking straight to my soul. You can be sure that Miles felt the same way.

A small negative is the after part, which is quite short compared to the book. But not everyone likes depressive scenes, so we can turn it into a positive. You surely won’t be out of pranks, bad wine kissing and teenage years portrayed in a beautiful way.

If only we could see the endless string of consequences that results from our smallest actions.

If you are more interested in such quotes, in thinking about existence, then reach for the book. It would be for a standalone review, but it’s really, really amazing.

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