if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

a labyrinth

a labyrinth

i wish to be like you
i tell myself

as i look at my coworker
his teeth are blinding me
sparks in his eyes are somehow painful

he’s slightly older than me
but you couldn’t tell the difference
between him and a little girl
he’s playing with

i wish to be like you
i tell myself

as my sight moves to another one
his laughter is vibrating in the air

i feel particles of a snowball he threw on my face
and no one knows better than me
that he had won this race

i wish to be like you
it’s almost a slow motion

they’re exactly in this moment
while no matter what i do,
i never could be present

i admire them so much
their youth, their recklessness, their fun
from the shadow, even the sun

of course, i am laughing too
but i doubt myself and i worry
what if they see the smile on my face
is just a replace

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