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In the tall grass – a terrifying metaphor of life

In the tall grass – a terrifying metaphor of life

CW: spoilers

You probably remember my last review of No one gets out alive. Well, if you are deciding between these two horrors, be sure to choose King’s Grass. More than two years ago, it has aroused the interest of many.

A pregnant woman travels to San Diego with her brother behind the wheel. Halfway through, they hear a little boy calling for help from the tall grass. They follow him only to find out that they may never come back.

Shortly after Becky and Cal enter the field, they lose track of each other. We come to the point where it is appropriate to reveal that Becky has not decided yet whether to keep the baby.

The father sets out to find the lost siblings. Correctly – lost, allegedly for up to two months. Time in the tall grass obviously flows according to its own rules.

An important part of the film is the rock, which seems to be an inverted version of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. Anyone who touches it will feel tremendous strength and wisdom. In exchange, however, he will never get out of the grass stalks.

And so these (and more) people hang in the same loop, dies and come to life again, but not literally, it’s just the time that has lost any meaning or logical sequence. They seem to be stuck in the grass forever.

If you want to watch an original, non-traditional horror and, as a bonus, torment the brain threads, you certainly won’t regret watching this one.


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