if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

a letter

a letter

your letter smells like you
fresh and sweet
only the thought of our meeting gets me through

i smell an excitement in my veins
a safe place your arms offer
part of me knows you have my heart in chains

during the day my thoughts can be pushed down
night hours are those when it gets worse
my body is relaxed but my mind flies
the state we are in feels like a curse

the sheet is warm like your body next to me
but it’s not the same, i don’t know how it could

i got used to you and i like what we built
now you’re gone and i miss our laughter
the way you look at me and the thrill

at night i can’t bear the distance
my imagination and the silence
the loneliness and the sorrow

i want you here with me
but i have only a letter under my pillow

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