if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

a battlefield

a battlefield

i miss your presence
i miss being close to you
and the way you make me feel both safe and aroused

i can still recall your touches
careless while watching a movie
passionate while trying to set the flame in me
not knowing it is already burning

memories with you, those is my mind framing

i am the one who has control over my vulnerability
for one boy i will not let them fall, my boundaries
yet there you are, present in almost all of my diaries

you shall not dream of any other, my love
i am here, all of my wounds revealed
but i will not fight in this kind of a battlefield

i know she’s pretty, i know her smile shines
but we both will pay for it if you cross the lines

i can make you laugh and make you desire

but if you touch her, i promise
my heart is not going to be the only one on fire

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