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Tiger’s series – passion, fate, loyalty

Tiger’s series – passion, fate, loyalty

Passion. Fate. Loyalty.

Tiger’s series consist of these three words. At least that’s what an annotation of the first one states. I am not a big fan of fantasy but this story has captured my heart a long time ago. I am reading it again and again and I find it just as interesting as for the first time. 

I’ve fallen in love with these books. Extracts from them come to my mind at a random time of the day. I have to admit that mainly those in which Dhiren, an Indian prince, confesses his love to eighteen years old Kelsey.

After realising that Ren, as she nicknames him, is a cursed tiger, Kelsey falls into an unexpected adventure. She spends two years of her life fulfilling prophecies and dealing with first love. 

Ren is sensitive, thoughtful and even handsome. The fact that he was born three hundred years ago makes his character even more appealing. Unluckily, Kelsey feels that Ren deserves someone “prettier”. Furthermore, Ren’s younger brother Kishan, attractive as the older, joins the game. 

Caused by some occurrences, Kishan stays with Kelsey alone during the second book. These two are trying to break the curse and there is another obstacle that Kelsey’s and Ren’s relationship has to overcome. As time is passing, we are no longer certain which brother is meant for her. 

I’ve always adored descriptions of Kelsey’s feelings. I have never been to India and yet the country seems somewhat familiar. You may even memorise some Hindu words during reading. 

While the characters are dealing with the last task, they have to resolve tangled love. A lot seems to be about a choice. Will tigers finally get their human lives back? 

Being full of Shakespeare’s quotes, drama, sadness and funny moments, these series are everything I need and expect good books to be. And here I am to reveal that the conclusion will bring you to tears.



“The jungle frightens me, and this situation frightens me.”

He let go of the apron string and looked into my eyes. “I know.”



“Don’t…leave me, okay?”

His face softened into a tender expression, and his mouth turned up in a sincere smile. “Asambhava. I won’t.”

I felt myself responding to his smile with one of my own when a shadow fell across his face. He clenched his fists and tightened his jaw. I saw a tremor pass through his body, and the chair fell forward as he collapsed to the ground on his hands and knees. I stood to reach out to him and was amazed to see his body morph back into the tiger form I knew so well. Ren the tiger shook himself, then approached my outstretched hand and rubbed his head against it.

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