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stories behind photographing

stories behind photographing

I capture moments. I display people. In the way they are, in the way they seem to be. With all their beauty – or wickedness.

Their story stays in a certain moment and we can only guess how it continued. It is possible to return back to them anytime. They show the past how it was and we don’t have to count on what really followed that captured situation.

I can recall everything. From the weather to the particular colour of the sky at that minute. I know when I go back to my photos in a few years, I will remember that moment when I pressed the trigger.


I remember the first unqualified cameras, the first photos which I liked just as I like those from the present. Because it doesn’t matter whether the composition is right, whether the position of light and contrast is set. It’s all about the feelings that accompany photographing. About the stories people can see behind them, about the things they can imagine.

When I am behind the camera, I feel like the world stops. It is just me and the moment I am trying to capture. I hate pre-learned poses and artificial smiles – it doesn’t seem real to me. I like unexpected moments that capture the real flavour of the moment.

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