if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.



my stomach twists as i imagine you with someone else

i don’t want to think about you two
falling asleep together, cooking or fighting
her in your sweater
all those things which you may still recall
i can’t stand the idea that she was anyway better

it’s not fair that you have already felt this
while for me, you’ll always be the first
while for me, you are a fulfilled wish

it doesn’t feel good that you have cuddled with a girl
a girl whose eyes you found pretty
a girl whose body you wanted to touch

i don’t want her to come to your mind
in a random time of the day
like you come to mine and don’t say that i am the only one

i know that you remember her and the things you adored 
but one day you’ll remember me, that i guess is my relief

you’ll remember the way i touched your face
how when you talked smart i always lost the trace

you’ll remember the things which made me gasp

even if years split us apart
you will have my words
parts of my soul which can never die
you will know what we felt was no lie

time is relative and so are we
but right now you’re perfect for me and i am perfect for you

she was special once
now i own the biggest part
of your heart which was once beating harder with her lips pressed to yours

mine did too, at the end
but right now i love you

right here, i am yours
and want to hear your stories
want to see you smile
feel your skin under my fingers
listen to your voice calming me down when i am strained
right now i love you and i don’t want this love drained

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