if u r wondering, where is this girl...

she just left, as she always does.

distant places

distant places

take me back
take me back to my grandfather teaching me how to play chess
telling me stories and
laughing so hard his face turns red

take me back to my grandmother
who doesn’t have dementia
but has a mind smarter than our whole family combined
who is so strict when we study grammar
and so kind when she reads
take me back to where the words are not defined
and i have my imagination only as i listen to those tales

take me back to my other grandma
who is not dead
who is so different from the first one
so much louder and maybe simpler
but also a little less weak
’cause i never saw her break

take me back, i beg and i fight
but no one can fool the circle of life

take me back to my friends
where we are not strangers smiling at each other awkwardly
where we are a couple of kids running in the summer

oh how i miss those lights
of my childhood days

take me back to my precious, my rare, my dear
tender places i can’t visit

distant places but so near

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