ak by si sa pýtal, kde je toto dievča...

proste odišlo, ako vždy.

one day later

one day later

it’s the 14th of may right? right.
one day difference is like…

difference between you there
and you by my side.

difference between happiness
and tears blurring my eyesight.

you knew it, no?
i wouldn’t cheer you on your birthday.

this is the difference between
my yesterday’s silence and today’s pray.

happy one day later 

from the love of your life.

happy one day later
and please no more strife.

happy one day later

and why it’s like that?

‘cause one day later is every next day,
so you can never be mad.

wishin you all the best
from that empty space
in my heart.

The boy who love/d you

to len aby si to nemohla opäť po toľkom čase vymazať/roztrhať/spáliť

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