midnight thoughts

midnight thoughts

One can leave his town, a place where he was raised. He can travel thousands of miles, that’s for certain. But can he ever run away from himself?
The truth is, he can never leave his soul and the things he identifies with.

And as you’re sitting on the plane, high above everything pulling you back; as you’re looking outside the window, you realise that you can never leave.

This can be a bit irritating… but beautiful at the same time.
I mean, when a person leaves you, you can still feel everything he had left behind. The things he created for you, his ideas, his thoughts, his love.

And it doesn’t matter how far he is, it doesn’t matter by which direction he went, you keep on carrying his parts with you.

If we go even further, when your soul leaves somewhere else, it takes those parts with it. That could mean we can live forever, somehow. Even if we die, we can find ourselves in the tens of other souls.

I can imagine these things swimming in the deepest, universal ocean, I can see them crashing back to Earth to be found in someone else.

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